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Keep It Cleaner
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What We Do

We help you live a fuller life without the fuss. We’re all about keeping things simple, keeping them cleaner. So take care of YOU – because that’s when you really can KIC’ some serious health and fitness goals.

  • Find your flexibility
    Feel Balanced

    Get stretchy and strong with
    yoga and pilates workouts.

  • Fight like a girl
    Be Strong

    Boxing, HIIT and strength…
    we’re gonna make you sweat.

  • Grab a plate
    Easy, Affordable Nutrition

    Our flexible meal plan includes
    veggie, gluten free and more.

  • Fall in love with running
    Reach Your Goals

    Learning to run or improving your technique?
    We got you girl.

  • Let's uplift each other
    Join The Squad

    Feel empowered and inspired with
    the advice in our private community.

  • Get Zen Girlfriend
    Get Centered

    Meditation, mindfulness and life hacks,
    it’s all about feeling 100.

HIIT, boxing, strength training, running, healthy meal plans, meditation sessions and life advice. Eat clean, live clean and think clean with Steph and Laura right beside you.

Happy Clients
Thank you, Steph and Laura, for being my personal guides on my fitness journey, and for showing me that a healthy lifestyle is absolutely attainable! I love that you can improve your lifestyle without sacrificing pizza and chips. And missing a few gym sessions is totally fine! Every workout the girls share is totally achievable, and I find that SO important for a continued positive outlook, otherwise, I give up because it’s just ’too hard'.
Nina, 26, Melbourne
I have followed Steph & Laura’s journey from the beginning. I discovered them both on Instagram 4 or more years ago and I love their approach to wellness and fitness. It’s been such a help to me to be able to follow along as their advice is honest, transparent, and helps me to feel like the best version of myself.
Katie, 28, Copenhagen
Steph and Laura have completely changed my outlook when it comes to health and wellness. I no longer feel the need to restrict myself or engage in negative self-talk. The girls have helped me find a balanced approach I can actually live with long term!
Emma, 27, Melbourne
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Keep It Cleaner
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