About Keep it Cleaner

From the girls who brought you 'Keep It Clean', comes Keep It Cleaner.

A Platform with all sorts of health and wellness Inspiration. This website will be a platform where the public can subscribe to have access to all of the newest recipes, blog posts, videos and workouts by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw. There will be a minimum of 3 new recipes a month, created by the girls themselves, and will often include different brands that they love. The blog page will be free to access for non subscribers too, and will be filled with: interviews, product or cafe reviews, and just general info on health and wellness. On the video page, subscribers will find short snippets of the girls behind the scenes of their jobs (modeling), cooking, workouts and interviews. The workouts will be by a number of different trainers with different training techniques and will be updated each month.

Combined, the girls have over one million followers over social media and are confident that this website won't just be a good platform for themselves, but also a great platform for brands and cafes to jump onboard. Both Laura and Steph are incredibly passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and influencing young girls to do the same. They're excited to launch the website and are confident that it will go as well, if not better, than their ebook Keep It Clean.