Our last minute Mother's Day Gift ideas to spoil your Mum

Thoughtful ways to treat your Mum this Mother's Day

For Steph and I Mother's day is about spending quality time with our Mums and spoiling them in every way we can. While we should all tell our Mums we love them everyday sometimes we forget to show them how much we appreciate them and this is why Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to show your Mum some love and appreciation for the one million things she does for you throughout the year.

Steph and I have put together a list of our favourite ways to spoil Mum most of which won't cost you a thing but will make your Mum feel very special.

  1. Sign up for the ME Mother's Day Classic. This is such a fun way to spend the morning and is such a great cause raising money for Breast Cancer research. It is such an empowering feeling walking with thousands of other women in pink.
  2. Make Mum breakfast in bed. Mum's spend so much time cooking for their families they always appreciate a day off. Deliver your Mum the paper and a coffee or tea in bed and while she enjoys some relaxing time to herself cook up a breakfast storm in the kitchen. We will both be making our Mums our Keep it Clean Pancakes which are super delicious, easy to make and nourishing. The recipe is available in our Keep it clean e book (click here to purchase). Set the table with a big stack of pancakes in the middle, fresh fruit, and our Passion Fruit Pancake Topping and your Mum will be delighted.
  3. Make Mum a voucher book. This is a great way to be a creative and also make your Mum very happy. The vouchers can be anything from a promise to do the dishes 10 times, to make dinner once a week, a special date night or 100 hugs! Anything that will take the pressure of your mum or make her feel happy! This is always our Mum's FAVOURITE present.
  4. Take Mum on a healthy picnic in the park. Pre prepare some healthy baked treats and lunch for your family in a picnic basket, pack a picnic rug and some board games and take Mum for a relaxing afternoon to the country or to your closest park. Leave your phone and any electronic device at home and treat this as a few special (and rare) hours dedicated solely to family time. Your Mum will appreciate this precious family time more than you can imagine and if you make a little trip of it and head to the country it will make for the perfect day trip.
  5. Print your favourite family photos and make a collage or buy a multi photo frame. You should be able to find a big frame for under $50 at Kmart, Target or Big W and this is one of the best presents you can ever give your Mum. I made one for Mum a few years ago and she still talks about how much she loves it.
  6. If you are going to buy your Mum something, make sure you go for something that she wouldn't buy herself. Mum's are the most selfless people in the world and always put their kids first which means they miss out on things like massages, facials, hair treatments, blow waves etc. so if you want to spoil Mum get her something so she can pamper herself!