Eating in NYC

Stephanie Smith

So naturally, as a foodie... My favourite thing to do in a new city is find good restaurants and cafes. These aren't all 'healthy' places, but as I've mentioned before, I do like to treat myself ;) It's all about balance... and enjoying life at the same time as looking after yourself. Fuel yourself with the right stuff most of the time, and when you slip up, don't stress, enjoy!

Let's start with breakfast... Or 'brunch' spots.

Funnily enough, most of my favourite brunch spots are owned or ran by Aussies hehe

Dudley's: this place makes an epic smashed avo dish! Seriously can't fault it! Ive also tried their brussel sprouts as a side dish, and on another occasion had the Brown rice bowl… they were both incredibly tasty!

Two Hands: The cafe is adorable, but I really do love the new restaurant they have opened in Tribeca. It's bright and open and beautiful. The way they present their food at Two Hands really reminds me of cafes at home… so much care is put into the presentation and I think that's great. So far I have only tried the Brassicas bowl, which is a green brekkie bowl with some avo, a poached egg, and some hummus on the side. Their coffee is delicious too. Because it's warming up here atm my favourite thing to do from any cafe is to order and iced coffee and add a little bit of almond milk… delicious!

While I'm talking about coffee, I better mention 'Blue bottle coffee" … they are my favourite!! I usually order an almond latte/flat white. Definitely in my opinion, best coffee in nyc.

Chalait: Known for their Matcha lattes, this is a gorgeous little cafe. Small, better for takeaway or eating on your own. I have tried both the 'Cauliflower & Squash Quinoa Bowl' and the 'Avocado Sunrise'... both delicious.


Ruby's: located in SOHO, this cafe is always pumping, as in… always busy! But it's for good reason, and worth the wait. It's a great spot for brekkie, lunch or dinner. My favourite pick from the menu would be the Quinoa bowl! But also highly recommend the sweet potato fries, and if you're having a cheat day, I hear the burgers are bloody good.

Wholefoods: Honestly I would visit Wholefoods at least four times a week whilst in the states… it's either for groceries, or more often than not i grab some takeaway lunch and dinner from there. There is soooooo many good organic meals to choose from… I usually go for a brown rice salmon or tuna sushi, or I'll make up my own salad from the salad bar.

Seamores: Epic place for a sunny day! We had lunch here and it was so delicious, I think I'll go back a few more times before I head home. I got the kale salad which was great, and also ordered the Poke bowl to share... which was incredibly tasty and I highly recommend it! Definitely want to head back and try the fish tacos!

Juice Press: There's a few of these all around the city which is great. It's basically a juice/smoothie bar, but they also have healthy on the go lunches and treats! My favourite smoothie is the 'Almond Butter Cup' and i just ask for it without the agave syrup and with greens! Banana in a smoothie is enough sweetness for me, so I always ask for no sweetener. I Also love the 'Acai Blueberry Bowl', but again I ask for it without sweetener and no granola, just chia seeds, almond butter (or nuts) and fruit on top... reminds me of home :)

Catch: For a bit of a fancier dinner or a night out, Catch is perfect. Located in the Meatpacking district it's in prime position for dinner and drinks. I usually order the sushi and sashimi, the chicken lettuce 'cups' and really nibble at whatever everyone else orders. If someone orders the truffle fries, you're in trouble... they're extremely tasty and addictive. Most of the menu is designed for sharing.