5 minutes with NAT ROSER

Nat, tell us about how you started modelling?

I was just 13 when I started and it's something that my mum thought I'd be good at. She went behind my back and entered me into a competition that I did well in and it actually ended up landing me my agency and starting my career. It was strange because when you are that young you never think about what could actually happen that could shape your life and get you a career.

You're so positive and smiley all the time....What's your secret to happiness?

I think my happiness stems from my surroundings. Having a supportive network of friends and family and taking the time to appreciate what I've got. I'm very grateful for everything in my life, and I am proud of what I have achieved. All these things keep me positive and happy and make me excited about the future!

Run us briefly through what a week with Nat would be like. How many times a week do you exercise? What are your favourite types of workouts?

I love training in a group or with my trainer. As long as I'm not alone I will love it! I do a lot of interval weight training and try to get to the gym about four to five times a week. I think that having someone you can talk to about your training and nutrition is what motivates me. I am lucky in that my partner is my personal trainer so having him to brag to, whinge to or even compete with is great motivation.

What does a day on a plate look like for you?

Breakfast: I love avocado on rye toast, or a banana and blueberry protein smoothie with almond milk! As it gets a bit colder I'm also enjoying porridge.

Lunch: a combination of protein and carbs. So brown rice and chicken, or a sweet potato salad etc. Something that will fill me up and taste delicious.

Dinner: I like to cook up a delicious creation. I usually base my dinner recipes around protein and greens. So it may be a stir fry, curry or just chicken breast and green beans depending on my mood.

Snacks: I'll have some full cream yogurt if I'm at home or some nuts. Sometimes I have lentil chips or carrot and hummus. I also love snacking on cheese and biscuits but I try and not have that too often because I get addicted!!

What's your favourite guilty treat!?

Messina Gelato! Or just any ice-cream!

Have you made anything from our Keep it Clean ebook? If you have what's your favourite? If you haven't... What are you excited to try!?

Not yet! I really need to put a Sunday aside to cook all the sweet treats because I already know they will be my favourites!!

Anything exciting happening in the near future you can share with us?

So much! But not so much of it I can share so you'll have to watch this space!