Adidas HQ

Stephanie Smith

Recently I visited Adidas HQ in Germany. Influencers from each country were invited from the global team to check out headquarters and get an insight into the history and technology behind everything at Adidas. It was an experience that I will never forget!

Firstly, headquarters is huge! The campus is so beautiful, especially when everything was covered in snow! Being an Aussie, we don't get to see that too often so it was exciting for me to see haha!

Day one we met some of the global team, who made us feel incredibly welcome and excited for the few days we had there. One of the first activities we got to do was the 'Run genie session'. We got to test them out for ourselves and learn about the technology behind it! I found out that when I run I am a heel striker but I at least have a neutral landing foot. With this information they can tell you the correct adidas running shown for you!

After that we got to visit the Archives! This is where they store thousands and thousands of old shoes, garments and equipment by adidas. It was awesome to see some of the key pieces from the past that have quite obviously strongly influenced new trends and pieces today.

After lunch we got to see something very special... something that only 5 or so people who work at adidas have access to. The 'Athlete services' room. Inside they have facilities for A grade athletes to have garments and shoes etc perfectly fitted and made uniquely for them.

We were then sent to the athletics track on campus, it was there where we received our Climaheat gear and brand new Adidas shoes for our run! Our group was split into two, the more serious runners kept going and we ran back towards campus, capturing some cool imagery for content on the way back. We ran about 5km in -3 degrees!

After that we returned back to our hotel, showered and got ready for a visit to the famous Christmas Markets in Munich! It was soooo amazing! The markets were adorable. We all tried this hot German wine, not sure if I was a fan or not hahah... I love wine but I don't know how I feel about it being hot. After that we walked to a cute little Mexican joint and had dinner all together, nachos and tacos!

Day two started with a presentation on the newest shoe coming out next year for women's running. Let's just say... it's amazing. Unfortunately I can't tell you much or show you anything, but I will say... I can't wait for them to be out hehe.

Karlie Kloss was there as well, having a tour around campus just like the rest of us. I had met her very briefly a few years ago in New York so I wanted to say hello. She is so incredibly beautiful inside and out. She has time for everybody! A true inspiration.

Following that we got to visit the 'Makers Lab'. This may have been one of my favourite parts of the whole visit. We basically got to play arts and crafts and make mini adidas shoes!! It was so much fun.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the 'Future Lab' which is where they test out gear before it's released. Inside the lab they have the 'Clima Chamber' which is a room where they test out garments in all different temperatures and humidity levels to see if they stay comfortable and affective to the athlete/person wearing them.

On this day we also all got to wear some of the newest climachill gear and shoes coming out next year in a fun little shoot at the athletics track.

Yoga shortly followed, and I'm no yogi... but it was nice to stretch out and relax. A few of the girls and I decided to visit the gym on campus before dinner. It was huge! I think it's awesome when offices have gyms like that accessible to employees.

After dinner it was time to say goodbye! I met some incredible girls on this trip, hopefully adidas will get us all back together soon!

To get even more of an insight to this trip, I've made a YouTube vlog of day two there! Hope you enjoy it :