5 Mins With Wild Will

Stephanie Smith

You've probably noticed that Laura and I have found a new love for boxing and it's all thanks to our epic boxing trainer Will Tomlinson. He's a former IBO Super Featherweight World Champion, a part owner of the gym Tribute... and a genuinely nice guy. We sat down with Will and chatted all things boxing and health.

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  1. Growing up, was boxing always something you knew you wanted to do professionally?
    Well, I wouldn't say that when I first started boxing I had the plans to make a career out of it. I started out as a 12 year old kid in Bairnsdale, Vic, just to learn to fight. It was only after an 8 year amateur career which included a 2 year scholarship at the AIS where I represented Australia at the Oceania, Commonwealth and World championships... that I knew that I had what it took to turn professional.

  1. Show us an example of "a day on Wills plate" when you were 'making weight' for a fight?
    It took me quite a few years with a lot of trial and error to find what worked for me to make weight for my fights. I held the IBO super featherweight world title which has a weight limit of 59kgs. My natural resting weight was around 70kgs so it was a lot of hard work and a super strict diet to make the weight. It was tricky to find balance with the work load of training for a 12 round fight, while still eating in a way so that I was still dropping the weight. The way I use to eat was a high protein diet with good fats, low carb intake, high fibre, 5L water and lots and lots of coffee. Generally trying to stick around 2000cals a day. Which is not a lot when you train twice a day getting beaten up in the gym.

  1. Since retiring, what has inspired you to continue living a heathy active lifestyle?
    I would be lying if I said that I live a perfect fit healthy lifestyle 24/7. There are times when I have a blow out and loose track of my goals... but I always say that if the good days out weigh the bad then you're doing okay. I was lucky enough to see the direct benefits of being fit and healthy while being a pro athlete for 10 years. After living like that for so long and enjoying all the benefits that came from that kind of healthy lifestyle, I realised that I'd want to continue feeling good. I found a healthy body improves your chance of a healthy mind and with the combination of the two... life's good.

  1. Why do you think people should come down and check Tribute out?
    The best thing about Tribute is that you will learn from trainers that who have actually boxed, or have at least spent a lot of time in boxing gyms and know the fight game. We've basically picked bits and pieces of the same type of training and exercises I used to do as a fighter and developed programs that cater for everyday people. They're fun, effective 45 minute sessions that if you stick to you will learn to box, and in turn get great results.

  1. Lastly... what's your favourite naughty treat?
    Hmm where do I start? If you jump on my Instagram acc (@whatscookingwilly) you will see that I don't mind a good feed. Right now I would have to say that I am loving a good modern Aussie pub feed. There's a pub I go to called the Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel. I order the Garlic chilly prawns to start, then the 500gm ribeye cooked medium with bearnaise sauce, fries, mash potato, and a few other sides. I'll then cruise past Messina on the way home for some Gelato, normally a peanut butter flavour.