by Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw

About the book

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is 'what do you eat?' We also get a lot of people asking whats in certain meals we post. So I decided, with the help from my talented friend Laura, that we would create a recipe book.

The recipes in this book are healthy and simple to create, and most importantly… delicious. Our idea of healthy eating in cooking is not depriving yourself of certain foods (like pasta or desserts) but being able to create these kinds of meals in a much healthier and nutritious way. We believe that a lot more people would eat cleaner and healthier with a little more education.

It is not a strictly vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or paleo recipe book… We have written it to show how you can create most of them in a way that would suit your needs/intolerances whatever they may be.

Laura and I have put a lot of love into this book and we really hope you enjoy our recipes as much as we do.

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Keep it Clean eBook