Dan Adair's 30 min Sweat Sesh

This workout by Dan Adair sounds simple enough, but will get your muscles burning and your heart pumping! Do it with yourself, or a friend, NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. This workout is a pure example of why not having a gym membership is no excuse... you can always get your heart rate going.

The first section; do all three workouts, no rest... and repeat 5 rounds.

Then 3 min recovery.

Second section; 10-1 burpees with 10 V sit ups. Each round count down the burpees, but keep doing 10 V sit ups. EG: 10 burpees, 10 V sit ups - 9 burpees, 10 V sit ups - 8 burpees, 10 V sit ups etc all the way to 1.


  • 20 Walking lunges (10 each leg)

    Step forward into a lunge position, both knees at 90 degrees. Make sure your back knee is close but not touching the ground, and the front knee ends directly over the ankle, not over the toes. Press back up through your front heel and repeat the movement alternating legs.

  • Broad Jumps

    Broad Jump all the way back to where lunges began. Start standing tall feet shoulder width apart, then squat down flinging your arms back with your body to create momentum, and jump up taking off from both feet. Swing your arms forward with your body to provide that forward drive, and try to land back in a squat position.

  • 45 sec Straight Arm Plank

    Wrists directly under shoulders, straight arms, legs long with your feet hip distance apart. Keep your rips in and squeeze your butt to stay strong through your trunk. Be careful not to sink between shoulders or sink into your lower back.

  • REST

    Do those three workouts for 5 rounds non stop, then rest for 3 min.

  • Burpee

    Begin in a standing position, then drop down into a couching position with your hands on the ground and kick your feet back so that you finish in a straight arm plank position. Drop your body down flat to the floor, then immediately return your feet to the crouching position and jump up from there.

    Start with 10 in the first round, then go to 9,8,7 .. burpees all the way to 1.

  • 10 V sit ups

    After each set of burpees, do 10 V sit ups.

    Start by lying on your back with both your arms and legs extended. Crunch up and lift your legs and arms up as if you were to touch your toes. This can be done with straight or bent knees.